European Projects

On the European level, Creative District is involved in various projects with an array of partners from different European countries aiming to promote creative industries, social entrepreneurship, innovation, and environmental practices.

Therefore, Creative District is interested in continuously being engaged in activities promoting sustainability, collective and participatory design, designing projects that innovatively support creative or social entrepreneurs and accompany them on their path toward sustainability. We have recently become official partners of the New European Bauhaus initiative.

Through its European projects, Creative District is involved in different axes of project management in terms of design, implementation, dissemination and social engagement.

African Projects

We are active in Benin Ethiopia, DRC, South Africa, Senegal and Morocco.

We created Just Impact, an NGO in Benin specialised in incubation and innovation, acting in the entrepreneurship sector of the cultural creative industries led by female entrepreneurs. We accompany, facilitate and strengthen mainly female entrepreneurship. With a special focus on social impact. We also sensitise men to encourage women to prosper in entrepreneurship. In this way, we create an ecosystem that is conducive to the goals of sustainable development.


Valuation of the common mission of the members through the impact they create. Facilitating the meeting of actors and allows them to be creative, to go beyond known solutions, to share and to take risks.