Development and implementation of local ecosystems and projects, support for entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural industries and in social innovation. 
Our local projects identify the needs of communities. 


Incubate inspiring place-based transformative projects

We develop ecosystems within vacant spaces, to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations, universities and citizens. These are real living labs at the service of communities. Depending on the type of space and its context, the ecosystem will focus on a specific theme related to the creative industries or social innovation.


Located between two neighbourhoods, two worlds, our creative and cultural ecosystem hosts several functions: 

  • Motown concert hall: hosts artists in residence and accompaniment in creation
  • Ubuntu Loft: networking space
  • Ubuntu Art Studio: showcase space
  • And many others: dance, workshops, exhibitions, artists’ studios, etc.  


Innovation 4 Society is an ecosystem that incubates and accompanies projects, associations, companies, universities and institutions, since January 2019.

Our ecosystem develops actions and projects focused on innovation, develops a network and strengthens the links between actors who contribute to the development of social housing, housing and more generally societal innovation.


"Finally, iDée is about developing a unique and polymorphous ecosystem, while inventing a piece of the city open to all. It is also about making this possible by building close links between local, inclusive and sustainable initiatives and the territory on the basis of a social mix and a mix of actors, composing the Belgian diversity."

iiDé develops actions and projects focused on innovation, develops a network of citizens and strengthens the links between actors who contribute to societal development. It is an incubation and support office for local, inclusive and sustainable initiatives.

Local initiatives: entrepreneurs or citizens with a local development project, or with an influence on the province of Hainaut.

Inclusive: Special attention to initiatives by or for people with disabilities.

Sustainable: Initiatives, whether lucrative or not, that have an intrinsic social or societal impact. 

Monthly projects are carried out as well as a programme of events, activities and debates to enrich these dynamics. iiDé is much more than a space manager; it is an ecosystem whose role is to animate and support the incubated actors.

In practice :

  • Reflects on and carries out formal activities around themes linked to problems encountered in the societal sectors
  • Organises (in)formal moments to encourage inter-structural and inter-sectoral meetings
  • Federates actors around the realization of innovative and/or prospective projects around the present and future challenges of societal innovation
  • Manages the occupation of offices by companies and associations linked to the sustainable development sector
Opens in September 22


We created Just Impact, an NGO in Benin specialised in incubation and innovation, acting in the entrepreneurship sector of the cultural creative industries led by female entrepreneurs. We accompany, facilitate and strengthen mainly female entrepreneurship. With a special focus on social impact. We also sensitise men to encourage women to prosper in entrepreneurship. In this way, we create an ecosystem that is conducive to the goals of sustainable development.


Creative District develops a range of projects & trainings on the ground, with and for communities.


Objective Create your own e-shop

Training for adults, aiming to strengthen women’s entrepreneurship in the e-commerce sector. The Woman Can training is an initiative of Creative District to coach 15 women over the year 2019 to entrepreneurship in e-commerce.

"Discovering digital careers"

Increasing the level of awareness of digital skills and professions

The concept is to make people discover the digital professions through information sessions in a simple and funky atmoasphere for young people and adults. We present interesting and inspiring career paths while offering OBJECTIVE and PRAGMATIC solutions. The idea is to make the tech professions attractive to the general public and to encourage vocations.

Data 4 EU


Data Protection Awareness

« Data 4 EU » webinar for adults organized around the theme of data storage in Europe. The objective of the webinar is to increase the level of awareness about data protection and data storage in Europe.

Digital 4 Participatory design

Workshops on digital tools for participatory design

Encourage the exploration of participatory design via digital tools, during 2 hours per week, through workshops given to students aged 12 to 15 at the Athénée Royal Jean Tousseul


Creative District uses its expertise to offer a range of services to meet the specific needs of communities in the creative industries and social innovation.

Territorial Strategies

Conceiving studies and territorial strategies by mobilizing on innovation themes

Creative Management

Managing artists and
intellectual property rights

Creative Academy

Organising incubation,
training and coaching

Creative Cowork

Providing and managing innovative and exchange-friendly
workspaces for entrepreneurs

Creative Events

Producing and supporting
the creation of events