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Our local projects identify the needs of communities as grassroots movement. By using them in a bottom-up process, we develop new international projects to create new methodologies. These will then be used by the communities through their implementation on the ground and incubation of inspiring place-based transformative projects.


Working group on brussels CCI benchmarking and internationalisation

Creative District, acting on behalf of for the Brussels ICC platform, organised the 1st meeting of the working group on the benchmarking and internationalisation of Brussels’ ICCs on 03-07-23. The Brussels CCI platform brings together partners involved in supporting creative entrepreneurs with a view to removing obstacles to entrepreneurship, creating a network and strong synergies between its members and collaborating on cross-cutting themes to better deploy the creative economy within the Region. 
The aim of this the working group on benchmarking and internationalisation is to carry out a qualitative and comparative analysis of the CCI ecosystems in a dozen or so international and national targets in order to better calibrate Brussels’ positioning. The second step will be to develop an inventory of internationalisation tools and identify CCI internationalisation best practicesin CCI.

Women and gender minorities in music festivals

As a member of Scivias, a network of music professionals who together affirm the existence of inequalities in the music sector, we are sharing with you their 2023 report on the place of women and gender minorities at 36 music festivals in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. This study highlights the unequal access of men and women to the music scene and encourages all professionals to take active steps towards greater equality.

FACE : Fostering Awareness on Youth Cultural Entrepreneurship

Young people, and especially vulnerable groups, such as women, are currently 3 times more likely to be unemployed than other age groups.  The motivation of this project is to propose solutions to the issue of youth unemployment, particularly in deprived areas and for less qualified young persons, some of whom belong to minorities with cultures diversifying them from the mainstream culture. The project focuses on promoting cultural entrepreneurship, fostering youth employability, supporting local communities, promoting active citizenship through networking and participatory methods, and providing continuous professional development for trainers. The project partners aim to engage youths that are marginalized due to their social, economic, or geographical status and to provide them with access to training opportunities that can support youth employability, entrepreneurship, and local communities.

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We Hive at ENGHIEN

We Hive (ecosystem of local, inclusive and sustainable initiatives) develops actions and projects focused on creativity, innovation, develops a network of citizens and strengthens the links between actors who contribute to societal development. It is an incubation and support office for local, inclusive and sustainable initiatives.

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Building Talents

The “Building Talent” project under Creative Europe, responds to the challenges of the impact of the global economic crisis and pandemic on young professionals in the creative and cultural industries (CCI) by developing a training programme for young artists (aged 18-30) to increase their long-term employability. Find here our needs analysis report 
Needs Analysis from Creative District 

International conference

Creative District invites you to the international conference “FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE – Racing to Net Zero”, which will be held on June 15, 2023 at the London School of Economics. 
The event is focused on the role of business and innovation in the fight against climate change.

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